We have gathered the questions that we are most often asked in relation to RCoyalisten and the Royal Copenhagen products that we sell. If the following does not exactly answer your question, then you are very welcome to contact us via contact form.

1. Is it real Royal Copenhagen porcelain?

Yes, we only buy and sell porcelain produced by Royal Copenhagen.

2. Is the porcelain new?

No, we buy all our porcelain used from private individuals. When we receive the porcelain, we thoroughly inspect and clean the porcelain to ensure that it appears in the best possible condition.

3. Is there original packaging and/or breakage guarantee for the porcelain?

It is not always that there is original packaging or breakage guarantee for the porcelain. Under the product description you can see what applies to a given product. 

4. What quality is the porcelain and what is the difference?

The quality of a given product is stated in the product description. Quality means the following: 
  • 1. quality: Product without defects or defects
  • 2. quality: Product where small defects can occur, such as: black marks, glaze and paint defects as well as irregularities (characterized by 1 scratch through the three waves) 
  • 3. and 4th quality - also known as employee sorting: Product occurs with defects such as: black marks, glaze and paint defects as well as irregularities (characterized by 2 and 3 scratches through the three waves) 

 5. How to assess the condition of the porcelain?

When we review the porcelain, we assess the condition based on whether one or more of the following categories apply:                        

  Sign of use Paint or Glaze defects Repairs Chips

Very good x

Good x x

Bad x x x
Very bad x x x x

6. What does the porcelain look like? 

All product descriptions contain a product image. The product image will often be a model image that corresponds to how the product looks, but there may be deviations in relation to pattern and color. If you need more pictures, then contact us

7. Where can I see and pick-up the porcelain? 

You are welcome to see and pick-up the porcelain in Skovlunde with an appointment. We have ensured that this is done properly and in accordance with the authorities' guidelines for Covid-19.  

8. How fast is the porcelain shipped? 

The porcelain is shipped within 1 to 2 days after the purchase has been made, after which it must be expected that the transport takes between 1 and 3 weekdays in Denmark - longer shipping times must be expected for International. The RCoyalist basically uses GLS and PostNord, but if you want something else, please contact us. 

9. Can I sell my porcelain to you?

Yes, we are always looking for new porcelain. You can read more here.