Are you considering selling or do you just want an independent review and assessment of your Royal Copenhagen porcelain, then the RCoyalisten can help you and we do it completely for free!
Do you either have Royal Copenhagen porcelain in surplus or are you just curious about the value - maybe because it's porcelain that you inherited, that you want to replace or that maybe just stands and collects dust? Then we have developed a simple approach, whereby you can quickly get an assessment of your Royal Copenhagen porcelain, as well as receive a non-binding offer:

All you have to do is take a few pictures that clearly show the various parts and their pistons, as well as briefly describe the condition and sorting of the parts. Then send the information via our contact formular or via e-mail. As soon as we have received the information, we will make an assessment of the porcelain as soon as possible and return with a non-binding offer.

If you accept our offer, we guarantee:

✓Cash payment, ✓Quick pick-up ✓New and good home for your porcelain