RCoyalisten is created out of a desire to combine the iconic Royal Copenhagen porcelain with recycling - and thereby ensure that even more people can experience the joy of this beautiful porcelain.
The story of RCoyalisten takes its starting point in the summer of 2019, when a small summer holiday project developed into a desire and dream to combine a love and fascination for Royal Copenhagen porcelain with recycling and the very best prices. This resulted in RCoyalisten being established as an independent company in 2020, building a strong community on social media and launching RCoyalisten.dk - a leading second-hand webshop within the purchase and sale of Royal Copenhagen porcelain.
But RCoyalisten is not only created out of hard work and dedication. From day 1, we have experienced enormous support and interest in RCoyalisten from our many followers and customers. They all have had a desire to support a company and project that through recycling can recreate a renewed joy around the beautiful Royal Copenhagen porcelain that we all love. RCoyalisten's journey has only just begun and therefore we also hope that you will be part of the exciting development that awaits in the future.
Thanks for your interest in RCoyalisten
Anders Nielsen
Owner of RCoyalisten